🗣Talk About It Tuesday

🗣Talk About It Tuesday
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Public, private, or home school for your child(ren)? What factors helped you to decide?

There are several factors that we’re considering:

1. The city where we will be located. Unfortunately, not all cities have a good public school system.

2. The student-teacher ratio. In my opinion, a student-teacher ratio over 22:1 (K-5) is too high, especially without a full-time aid.

3. I would like to know how behavior problems are handled at that school. I went to a school where students were so disruptive, the teacher spent most of her time on class control.

4. I would like to know how they support children with different learning styles and needs.

5. I’m interested in knowing with extracurricular activities and advantages the school can offer (sports/foreign languages/music…).

6. And also, what standards the teachers are held to. Are teachers expected to communicate with parents frequently (emails/meetings…).

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