13 Tips for Packing with Kids

13 Tips for Packing with Kids
  1. Find the right luggage to fit your needs. This is essential! It will help you stay organized. Don’t overlook backpacks. I’ve found them to be very useful. You would be surprised how much can fit inside of a backpack. Plus, they free your hands to keep up with busy little ones.
  2. Have young kids share a suitcase. I’m usually able to pack my daughter’s clothes into my suitcase.
  3. Clothing selection: try to pack clothes with the same colors. They’ll be able to wear the same shoes and accessories. Plus, if they spill something on their top, it’s an easy fix because they have a top with similar colors.
  4. Roll clothes, don’t fold. It saves so much space.
  5. Each child needs one outfit per day. Pack two spare outfits for spills and accidents.
  6. Pack the clothes for each day in place them inside a Ziploc bag. Packing this way helps ensure that I have enough for every day of the trip. Plus I can coordinate outfits with accessories.
  7. Bring 2 pairs of underwear for each day of the trip.
  8. Pack one pair on pajamas, per 2 nights of the trip.
  9. Shoes, shoes, shoes!!! Listen, try to pack minimal shoes. Select shoes that can work with multiply outfits, during the day and at night. There are some awesome selections for kids, checkout: Stride Rite, Birkenstocks, and Toms.
  10. Bring a hooded sweatshirt for each child on summer trips. Airports, hotels, and restaurants tend to be chilly.
  11. Keep toiletries to a minimum. There’s no need trying to fit 100 diapers into your suitcase. Unless you plan to travel where there aren’t many stores available, you can always make a quick stop.
  12. Use ziplock bags to keep liquids from spilling. Trust me, it’ll save your clothes and save you from frustration.
  13. Bring an empty plastic bag for dirty clothes.

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