The Reality of Raising Children Away From Extended Family

The Reality of Raising Children Away From Extended Family
There are many obstacles to raising children away from extended family. Parenting burnout is REAL! There are no days off, little down-time, and “me time” is non-existent. It can be frustrating and over-the-top exhausting at times.

When you are raising children away from extended family, the “village” around your child is extremely small. Although it can be challenging, here’s the upside. And yes, there is an upside.

1. Your child will cherish the time they get to spend with extended family. My little one spends Summers and major holidays visiting family. She really looks forward to this time.
2. You will likely receive less unsolicited advice. There’s solitude in parenting free of judgement from family.
3. Your family isn’t hovering over you. They only know what you tell them. This can create a stronger bond within your immediate family.
4. If you are married, there is more reliance on your spouse. The two of you learn how to divide and conquer. You are all that you have, so the two of you must stick together. This can strengthen your marriage.
5. All activities must involve the kiddos. This can foster a stronger bond with them. Plus, you will make awesome family memories.
6. More time to spend together. There are less people for you to visit and less visitors in your home. This means you spend more quality time nurturing the family you’ve created.
7. Your children will appreciate all your efforts. They recognize that you’re doing everything for them alone. You are their only caregiver, and they have a stronger dependence on you. You are everything to them and they admire you for that. No one else can share your parenting credit, not their grandparents, aunts/uncles, or cousins. That’s all you boo! Know that you are a superhero to that little person.
8. Increased parenting confidence. If you are raising children away from extended family, you’re the bomb. You problem solve quickly and independently. You have mastered the art of making the most out of your resources. You get things done with little to no help around. Know that you’re the parenting ‘ish and you should brag different.

Be Encouraged!

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