🗣 Talk About it Tuesday

🗣 Talk About it Tuesday

What’s a good age to start teaching a child to play an instrument?

Feedback from a few musicians:

– Bee S., “As a musician and music lover, I can honestly say it’s never too early to introduce a child to playing an instrument. I started playing saxophone the Summer of 5th grade and that opened me up to many other instruments throughout middle, high school and college. But learning to play an instrument was way more than music, it introduced social skills, comprehension, and morals of hard work at an early age. I can remember telling my mom that i wished i could’ve have started earlier.”
– Darian H., “Early as possible. Children retain a lot of information at a young age, and with them not having any responsibility they can really focus on it.”
– Mark M., “I’m of the opinion that if your child knows how to count and knows their alphabets they are mature enough to learn music/ instruments. I’ve seen first hand 4 yr olds that could read music.”


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