Ways to Organize a Playroom

Ways to Organize a Playroom

I like to start with an empty space, so I take everything out of the playroom. If this isn’t possible, push things to one side of the room and start reorganizing the empty side first.

Start with a clean trash bag for the things you wish to throw away. There were things I tossed, then later found the other parts to it, and decided to keep it. Thank goodness the trash bag was clean!

Have your little ones help clean their playroom. We played the sorting game and grouped toys into categories.

Group toys together by categories (Doc Mcstuffins, Peppa Pig, Princess toys, Play-doh, Legos, puzzles…)

(Disclaimer: the sorting game didn’t last very long. My little found toys she lost and wanted to play more than clean. At that point, I had her go downstairs with the toys she felt inclined to rediscover).

Place the larger items back into the room/space first. (Note: As you move along, try to find and secure all the accessory pieces for the larger items.)

Create a space for your child’s favorite pieces. My little loves Doc Mcstuffins and Shimmer & Shine, so I made sure that I had “stations” designated just for these toys. This will prevent her from digging through toy boxes and removing other toys to reach her favorites.

Use plastic containers for smaller pieces. I also grouped the smaller pieces into categories and placed them in containers (examples: Shopkins and Hatchimals).

Try to place the smaller plastic containers inside of larger ones. This will save space.

Ways to keep it clean:

I created “play stations” in my little’s play room. The rule is that she can only play at one station at a time. She must clean her current station before moving to a different one.

Offer them a reward for keeping their playroom or space clean. I started a token system for my little. She receives tokens for good deeds and she can redeem them for rewards (examples: a new toy, play date…).

Consider donating toys they haven’t played with in a while or have outgrown, unless they have sentimental value.

Try to explain to them that when they are blessed with things (toys), they should also be a blessing to others (by donating older toys).

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