Wellness for Parents – 8 Simple Tips to Live Better.

Wellness for Parents – 8 Simple Tips to Live Better.

As parents, we invest so much of ourselves into our children. In the process of managing chaos, we often forget to care for ourselves. Make wellness a priority! Try these simple tips to let your body know that you love it.

8 Simple Tips to Live Better

1. Give yourself a break lol. Seriously, do more of the things you love. Find a healthy hobby that you enjoy.

2. Develop a nighttime routine: find a way to unwind every night. It could be drinking a cup of soothing tea or doing light yoga stretches or journal. Expressive writing has been scientifically proven to help manage negative emotions.

3. Make a small healthy diet change: intake less salt, cut back on fried foods, limit your soda/sugar intake, eat more fruits and vegetables.

4. Establish a quick workout routine: walk around your neighborhood, take the stairs at work, find quick morning/evening exercises at home.

5. Read for the fun of it. Find a genre that you enjoy or read about something that makes you smile. Reading will keep your brain active and improve your mental functioning.

6. Social media detox. Taking a break from social media or at least limiting your usage may help enhance your well-being. If you find that you are in a negative space mentally, over-indulging in the lives of others may only escalate your feelings. Take a step away from social media and re-center yourself.

7. Account for all the positive things happening in your life right now. It’s natural only to see the bad. Write down all the things that you have going directly. Post the list in a place where you will easily view it daily.

8. Affirmations: speak encouraging words over yourself daily. Try to do this first thing in the morning. Before the negative thoughts try to inhabit your mind, combat them with positivity. Speaking positive words over yourself and your day will help you train your brain to be happy.

Try to incorporate one or two of the tips suggested over the next week. Take notes of your changes and come back to share in the comments below.

Take care.

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